20 Nov 2019

Successful Hyperdeck VR Attraction at Two Bit Circus

Under the name of “Hyperdeck”, US firm of MajorMega is offering a VR attraction which combines the visual effects of the virtual experience with additional multi-sensory effects such as wind, heat and motion . The attraction is powered by a 3 DOF motion platform provided by D-Box Technologies. In Los Angeles/USA, at the so-called Two Bit Circus micro-amusement park, an indoor entertainment center focusing on VR technology, the recently opened attraction already hit more than 2,500 plays in its opening month. The attraction requires a ground space of only 28 square meters and up to four players can experience the VR adventure simultaneously. Anyone interested in this kind of VR attraction can try it out at the MajorMega booth (#4631) at IAAPA Expo 2019, which was just kicked off in Orlando yesterday. (eap)