22 Nov 2019

Spain: Theo Pagel of Cologne Zoo New WAZA President

Theo Pagel, director of Cologne Zoo since 2007, has recently been introduced as new President of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) at the association‘s annual conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With this appointment, Pagel is now already the third president of WAZA coming from Cologne Zoo (1968-1970 Dr. Wilhelm Windecker, 1994-1995 Prof. Dr. Gunther Nogge).

Pagel comments: “I want to develop zoological parks on an international level as well and represent their matters. With a good cause, the young generations of today ask how to keep our nature in good order. […] Zoos providing great know-how in education, science and conservation have an immense responsibility of answering these questions.“ During his current term as director of Cologne Zoo, Theo Pagel has supported the development of the Hippodrom, the Clemens-Farm featuring class rooms for the zoo school and a new enclosure for the Asian wild cattle. One of the most current projects in Cologne is the renovation of the zoo’s South America house in order to bring it into line with the newest zoological standards (cp. EAP 2/2018). (eap)