27 Nov 2019

Texas/USA: KidZania Opens First Location in USA


The KidZania company, which is headquartered in Mexico City, just announced the opening of its first location in the USA. At the Stonebriar Centre, a shopping center in Frisco/Texas near Dallas, an around 7,800 square metre (85,000 square foot) large interactive entertainment center for kids was developed. In the city-like structures of the indoor area kids of the age six to 14 are able to discover several professions of different industries. KidZania provides more than 100 professions in 50 different businesses as a role play opportunity to the kids. The company aims to bridge the gap for kids between school and their future and to prepare them for work life. Greg Stevens, CEO of KidZania USA, explains: “What makes KidZania unique is it operates like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and recognizable careers for kids to role-play careers at leading international and local companies.“

“At KidZania, we pride ourselves in teaching kids ages 6-14 essential life skills including communication, problem solving, creativity and teamwork,“ adds Allison Burney, education advisor at KidZania. The kids safety is one of the priorities at the entertainment facility. Each kid receives an electronic bracelet, which connects them to a parent or guardian. Right now KidZania operates 28 facilities in 21 countries around the world and will open new locations in the USA (in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and more), Canada, France, Inodnesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. (eap)