11 Dec 2019

USA: SeaWorld San Diego Reveals Details on “Emperor“ Dive Coaster

© SeaWorld Parks & EntertainmentJust in time for the turn of the year, SeaWorld San Diego, which is operated by SeaWorld Entertainment, is revealing more details on its new coaster highlight for the 2020 season. “Emperor“ will be the name of the new floorless dive coaster, manufactured by B&M. Its design will relate to Emperor penguins, living in the Antarctic. According to the park, the new coaster will be the highest and fastest floorless dive coaster in the USA until to date. Thrill seekers will get what their hearts desire – the coaster track will provide riders with a 90 degree drop from a height of 45 metres (150 feet) before rushing through a looping section. “Emperor“, which will run at a maximum speed of almost 100 km/h (60 mph), will open to guests in summer next year. (eap)