21 Aug 2009

Meerbusch: Construction of “Badewelt” Uncertain

There was quite a sensation three years ago when the Wund Group expressed strong interest in the construction of the swimming facility “Badewelt Meerbusch”. This was a 33,000-square-metre large attraction that was supposed to advance to the largest indoor swimming facility in Europe. Two replicas of ships were foreseen as the highlight of the facility. As recently investigated by the newspaper Rheinische Post, there has been no word on the project since then. Meanwhile, the Wund Group has set its sights on a 20-million euro project in Euskirchen (south of Cologne), which is to open in the autumn of 2010. In addition, it is currently building a facility for 30 million euros in the Black Forest. The big 70-million euro project planned for Carinthia (Austria) is, according to the Rheinische Post, still on the table. Plans for the project in Meerbusch have fallen behind though due to the other—undoubtedly very exciting—investments the company is making. One Wund employee explains that the Meerbusch plans are not dead, but have just been put on the back burner for the time being. (eap)