19 Mar 2020

Germany: TimeRide to Open New Location in Frankfurt

©TimeRideGermany’s TimeRide GmbH, which operates Virtual Reality-experiences based on the local history of their respective locations in Cologne, Dresden, Munich and Berlin (cf. EAP 5/2017 & EAP news of 13 Jun 2019), will open another attraction of this kind in Frankfurt. The new “time travel” attraction will immerse visitors into the city of Frankfurt during the 19th century. The main part of the experience will be a virtual ride in a horse carriage through the historic centre of Frankfurt in 1891, completed by multisensorial effects such as wind, sound and scents. Additionally, TimeRide Frankfurt will be equipped with detailed settings such as an old grocery shop with colonial goods from 1830 or an old study room in the design of the Biedermeier era.

Jonas Rothe, Founder and General Manager of TimeRide, is looking forward to the opening: “We are very proud of now being able to provide a TimeRide time travel experience into the old city of Frankfurt. For myself, Frankfurt on the Main river is an incomparable, vibrant city, which is able to look back on a fascinating history. With TimeRide, we want to make this exciting history perceptible for everybody.“ The opening of the new attraction, which was originally scheduled for April, will be postponed to a later date due to the current Covid-19 crisis. (eap)