30 Mar 2020

Germany: Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Roevershagen Introduces Drive-In Farmers’ Market

Aside of leisure attractions, Robert Dahl’s five Karls Erlebnis-Dörfer (Engl.: “Karl’s Experience Villages“) are primarily based on the sale of freshly harvested strawberries, agricultural products and (in the meantime) of all kinds of decorative items. At its site in Roevershagen, Karls now came up with an individual business model for the time of the pandemic crisis: Since this past weekend, customers can shop contactlessly in the new drive-in farmer’s market to not miss their favorite Karls products during Corona times.

The farmers’ market is a strawberry bowl-designed shop. At the entrance to the drive-in passage, signs inform drivers about the product offer. Those who have made a selection contact one of the displayed phone numbers by mobile and place their order. After a short waiting time on the parking lot, during which the purchase is put together, customers are informed via phone that their products are ready for collection at a hatch of the shop. Payment is also made contactless, the whole “shopping experience“ takes about ten minutes. (eap)