03 Apr 2020

German Showman Business Faces Economic Crisis

Usually at this time of the year, the fun fair and carnival season starts again throughout Germany. This century-old tradition now faces an economic crisis caused by the persistent restrictions of public living. German showmen are now in fear for their economic and private existence.

The German Showmen’s Association (Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V./DSB) recently published a paper of claim, which points out that the showman businesses need financial support by the government. “We generated our last revenue past December and have been in our winter quarters since then – with ongoing costs for maintenance, repair works and investments,“ comments Albert Ritter, president of the DSB association. It is now up to the politicians to act moderately. According to the association, the cancellation of all fun fairs with anticipatory obedience cannot be an option.

On its homepage, the DSB offers help & support to all its members. (eap)