27 Apr 2020

Germany: holoride Presents New Advisory Board

Munich-based holoride company, which is specialized in the development of “in-vehicle entertainment“ in form of VR content for car passengers (who can put on a VR headset to immerse into virtual worlds during the car ride), recently introduced its new advisory board. Founded in 2018, the company, the minority shareholders of which include German automobile manufacturer Audi, will from now on be supported by a seven-member team of industry specialists in the fields of technology, mobility and production.

“We’re thrilled to add some of the world’s most talented industry leaders and pioneers to our advisory board. While breaking new grounds, it’s critical that holoride is equipped with experts that touch each key audience segment. From entertainment, to transportation, technology and finance, holoride is tapping into a diverse suite of entrepreneurs to move our company forward,“ comments Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride.

The new advisory board consists of Anthony and Joseph Russo (film directors), Todd Makurath (founder and chairman of Superconductor), Dirk Ahlborn (founder and chairman of HyperloopTT), Thomas Alt (founder and CEO of Metaio AR), Kathleen Cohen (thought leader & tech humanist and founder of The Collaboratorium), Greg Castel (founder of Anorak Ventures) and Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, which recently launched a hand tracking technology for its “Oculus Quest“ headset (read more on it in our upcoming EAP issue 3/2020). (eap)

Photo: Back (left-to-right): Marcus Kuehne, Palmer Luckey, Anthony & Joseph Russo, Nils Wollny, Daniel Profendiner // Front (left-to-right): Dirk Ahlborn, Kathleen Cohen, Todd Makurath, Greg Castle, Thomas Alt