18 Jul 2020

Germany: A Bridge to Connect Two (Miniature) Worlds

In March 2019, Frederik (photo right) and Gerrit Braun (photo left) – the founders of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – signed a lease for a new so-called „Speicher“ building just across their original site. On Wedneyday, the two buildings were connected with a 25-metres-long pedestrian bridge. The bridge is part of the extensive expansion plans of the Wunderland (cf. EAP 5/2019). On a ground space of 3,000 square metres new miniature areas will be developed including “South America“, which will be the first to open in 2022. Until 2026, the areas of “Central America & Caribic“ as well as “Asia“ will be lauched.

For the Braun-brothers the implementation of the bridge has been an emotional moment: “I waited 14 years for this day. I remember the day, standing here at our Speicher’s port and just foolishly saying that we will build a bridge and create new areas on the other side. I never let go of the idea and struggled with it to become reality ever since. This moment right now is, especially during this uncertain time, an emotional moment, which makes me happy and gives me positive energy for the future“, says Frederik Braun. His brother Gerrit adds, that the original plan included a large party with a great audience: “Unfortunately, we had to celebrate very silent due to the current corona regulations. For this reason, I am even more excited to see guests walking over that bridge in two years and hope that they will be excited about the phanomenal view, too.“ (eap