23 Jul 2020

Germany: Hannover Adventure Zoo Releases First Plans for New Elephant Enclosure

© PASD Feldmeier Wrede Architekten BDAIn spring 2015, Germany’s Hannover Adventure Zoo initiated its “masterplan 2025+“ which includes the construction of a new heated indoor and an additional outdoor enclosure for elephants. Now, the zoo has announced the winner of the architectural contest and released first details on the future construction project. The architectural bureau PASD Feldmeier Wrede Architekten BDA convinced the jury with its idea to enlarge the current “Jungle Palace“ by adding a new domed structure. “The contest participants delivered a variety of impressive ideas for how the jungle palace could provide even more space for the elephants and includes additional animal compounds,“ explains Andreas M. Casdorff, General Manager of Hannover Zoo.

On the one hand, the planned power efficient membrane roof construction will let in much more day light into the indoor enclosure and on the other hand, it will protect the elephants from the sun and heat. A walkway, which will feature interactive educational stations, will give visitors the opportunity to observe the animals from different angles. The indoor forum will be a place to learn more about the animals and to relax. PASD Feldemeier’s design also includes the development of an additional outdoor enclosure and further animal enclosures as well as an aquarium. “We look at the contest’s winning design and see the chance for kids and adults to experience the zoo during an adventurous walk and to learn something about animals, biology and wildlife conservation,“ Casdorff adds. (eap)