24 Jul 2020

New Zealand: Rainbow’s End Opens New Dark Ride Experience

Rainbow’s End theme park located in New Zealand’s port city of Auckland, has just opened a new immersive dark ride experience just in time for the country’s school vacation period. In the 28-seat “Spectra XD Theater“ supplied by Triotech, visitors will find themselves in a mixed attraction combining the thrill of an amusement ride with movies and gaming. The attraction is equipped with motion seats, light blasters an numerous special effects so players can immerse themselves diretly in the story.

Ernest Yale, Triotech’s founder and CEO says: ”The one thing about the XD Dark Ride is that guests always come out with a smile! It appeals to everyone, it’s immersive, it’s interactive, they play, they compete, they are part of the action.” Karen Crabb, CEO of Rainbow’s End, points out: “It has been a massive team effort to complete the installation and theming. Kiwis are incredibly creative and resourceful and this is a great example of how we can pull together to create an entertainment offering that rivals our international counterparts.”

According to the park, the new “Spectra XD Theater“ ist he largest immersive 7D theater in the southern hemisphere until to date. (eap)