25 Oct 2008

Holiday Park Hassloch / Germany: "Playmotion" Provides Interactive Fun for the Whole Family

Holiday Park is the first amusement park in Europe to offer the interactive football experience "Playmotion". A realistic grass pitch is projected onto an oversized screen in front of which as many as 20 people can practice their skills without so much as actually touching a ball.  The Playmotion system, which was developed in the US, is based on body motion sensors that put players at the centre of the action without any special clothing or equipment. A state-of-the-art beamer system projects a virtual football pitch and balls onto a wall, while a high-tech motion controller tracks the players' movements, transmitting them to the projection screen in a fraction of a second. Depending on the angle and speed of the pass, even the smallest movements bring the ball into play, guaranteeing fast-paced entertainment. "Playmotion" is a hip indoor football system that creates a unique connection between virtual fantasy worlds and real-life motion patterns. The system offers more than just playful fun and movement—it also trains reactions and athleticism, just like real football! (eap)