04 Sep 2020

Germany: Saturn Opens “Xperion“ Retail Experience World in Cologne

© obs/Saturn/MediaMarktSaturn DeutschlandYesterday, the German electronic store chain Saturn opened “Xperion“, a new 3,000 square metre-large retail and entertainment experience center located in the centre of Cologne. With this project, Saturn aims at addressing the younger generation by offering a new space for gaming, esports and social media. Leading industry companies such as Asus, Red Bull, Sony, Vodafone, Microsoft, Western Digital and EA are among supportive partners of Xperion.

The new entertainment hub provides visitors with a large-scale esports arena, social media hubs, streaming booths, the Western Digital Take/TV Lounge, as well as a fully equipped gaming zone with 50 seats. On integrated booths, the supporter companies present their latest products, which can be tested or even bought. For example, Vodafone is showcasing a new digital and hydraulic high speed racing simulator.

Florian Gietl, CEO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany, comments: “With Xperion we developed a new concept for stationary markets in the sense of Saturn’s core brand philosophy ‘Experience Technology‘: As an experience world dedicated to the latest trends in gaming, entertainment, esports and social media. […]“

Christian Bianco, general manager of Xperion, is confident about the new concept: “We are delighted to see our very special retail concept coming to life with the support of more than 40 top partners, who will help pushing Xperion to a very unique experience.Sebastian Kanup, Co-Manager, adds: “In Cologne we found the ideal location – on the one side, Cologne and especially the Hansa skyscraper is the birth place of Saturn and on the other side, Cologne is Germany’s gaming capital thanks to the gamescom.“

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