10 Sep 2020

Netherlands: Toverland Creates Additional Halloween Experiences

Between October 8th and November 9th, 2020, visitors to Netherland’s Toverland theme park will have to deal with fear again ... For the annual “Halloween Nights“ event the park developed some new creeps and horror experiences such as the new Haunted House “Maison de la Magie“. Here, guests will have to go on a fearful expedition into the old country house of “Oscar Pendula“, an illusionist who dissapeared in the thirties. The 15 minute-long experience is not included in the admission and will cost 7,50 euros extra (6,00 euros for annual ticket holders).

Halloween lovers will also be able to experience the “Cirque – Royal Edition“ circus zone featuring several fear clowns and performers as well as a new cake walk attraction. Additionally, “Morgana‘s Frozen Knights“ has also received several updates to offer a new experience. Visitors to the “Halloween Nights“ will also be able to walk through the “The Witches Forest“ experience, the “Fear the Woods“ fear house, the “Trapped” labyrinth and the “Shadows of the Sea”, “DesTroy” and “Fiesta de los Muertos” scare zones. (eap)