16 Sep 2020

Switzerland: Lindt Home of Chocolate – A Chocolaty Theme World Opened Its Gates

© Lindt & Sprüngli/Keystone/Alexandra Wey This past weekend, the new Lindt Home of Chocolate experience located in Kilchberg, Switzerland opened its gates to visitors for the first time. Constructed in the direct neighborhood of the Lindt & Sprüngli Schweiz AG headquarters, the new chocolaty museum aims at informing visitors about all interesting facts and figures related to chocolate (cf. EAP 1/2020). The multifunctional building dubbed  “Chocolate Competence Center“ and planned by Basel-based architects Christ & Gantenbein, features a 1,500 square metre-large exhibition space that takes visitors on a journey into the world of chocolate, from the cultivation of the bean over its industrial processing to the final chocolate product. Highlight of the building is an over nine metre-high chocolate fountain, which is desiged as a whisk hanging from the ceiling and which was unveiled by tennis professional and brand embassador Roger Federer during the opening celebration.  

The building also features the “Pilot Plant“ research plant, where Lindt employees can develop recipes on a small scale and simulate the optimization of production sequences and process technologies. Additionally, visitors are able to shop their favourite Lindt treats in the “world’s largest“ Lindt shop, have a coffee in Switzerland’s first Lindt Café, as well as join in a course in chocolate making in the Chocolateria.

“The Lindt Home of Chocolate will play an important role in safeguarding Switzerland’s position as a chocolate country in the long-term, as well as contribute to the transfer of knowledge across the entire industry,“ explains Ernst Tanner, President of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation. Over 92 million euros (100 million swiss franc) were invested into the new brand experience world, which is expected to attract 350,000 national and international visitors per year. (eap)