18 Sep 2020

Portugal: New QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Experience Visitor Center under Development

In 2017, the Lisbon-based company Turcultur (Turismo e Cultura de Portugal, Lda.) commissioned the Dutch storytelling specialists of Jora Vision with the concept development and planning of a new visitor center dedicated to a natural catastrophe – the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. With an estimated magnitude of 8.5 to 9, that earthquake was one of the most devastating in Europe. The happening marked a strong crisis and a turning point for the city of Lisbon, the cityscape of which was changed forever. The planned new QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Experience aims at presenting the natural catastrophe in an immersive way for locals and tourists alike.

“The story of the earthquake that hit Lisbon in 1755 is a fascinating one. Not just because of the intense and dramatic moments it provoked, but also because it changed the city forever. To tell this tragic story we believe it is necessary to re-live this event while being aware of its complexity, its richness of details but also the limitations of historical reconstruction. It was anyway necessary to go beyond the usual lines of thought and beyond a couple of rooms in a museum with static exhibits and text on the walls: a fully immersive Experience had to be designed. That is why we approached Jora Vision,“ explains Ricardo Clemente, Managing Partner of Turcultur.

Robin van der Want, Project Development Director at Jora Vision, adds: “[…] The 1,200 square meter experience, named QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Center, will feature a 90-miute walk-through experience. Divided into eleven timed and show-controlled scenes, visitors will be immersed in a story driven spectacle through a wide range of experiences. The whole journey will be brought to life through the use of state-of-the-art project mapping, interactive exhibits, simulations, themed environments and special effects. QUAKE will be housed in a new building, currently under construction. […]“

“[…] We love unique and meaningful (cultural) stories, and are excited to harness our design and production skills to bring these stories to life in ways that break the traditional barrier. We are excited to see more clients showing interest in our specific design approach, project management and manufacturing of these type of immersive experiences and are confident that "QUAKE" will be a spectacular examplre of this,” concludes Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO of Jora Vision.

The QUAKE Lisbon Earthquake Experience is scheduled to open in 2021. (eap)