16 Oct 2020

Canada/China: Triotech to Develop New Walkthrough Attraction for OCT Fabland Xiangyang

For the OCT Fabland Xiangyang theme park, which belongs to China’s OCT Group and is located in the province of Hubei, the Canadian supplier of media-based attractions Triotech was commissioned with the design and implementation of a new walkthrough attraction. The “Space Pirates”-themed experience will feature two different routes for two teams, who will compete with each other in several scenes by collecting as many points as possible. The “Pirate” team will have the task to collect as many intergalactic coins as possible, while the “Bounty Hunters” will nab as many hidden treasures as they can. Each immersive zone will be equipped with interactive and multi-sensory elements. The adventure’s final will alternate based on which team performs best.

The walkthrough attraction in the portfolio of the Canadian company has a standard capacity for groups of between 12 and 16 persons at the same time. For OCT Fabland, the capacity was doubled by doubling certain parts of the attraction such as the final escape interactive simulation scene. Ernest Yale, founder and CEO of Triotech, is looking forward to realizing this project: “Over the last several years, Triotech has had the privilege to design and deploy several attractions for the OCT Group in their different parks. We are proud to be a partner of OCT […].” (eap)