26 Nov 2020

Germany: Lagunenbad Willingen Receives General Overhaul

© Bremer + Bremer Since spring, the construction vehicles for the re-construction and general overhaul of the Lagunenbad indoor bathing complex in Willingen (Germany’s Sauerland region) have been rolling. The actual start of construction was scheduled for April 20th this year, but has started earlier due to the corona-related nationwide closure of leisure pools on March 13th. With the exception of the office premises, the Aqua slide tower and a small sauna house, all existing building structures were teared down. The indoor bathing facility, which opened in 1975, aims at offering its visitors the benefits of “water, warmth and nature“ in the future.

The new bathing experiences will include an over 640 square metre-large indoor pool, a just under 300 square metre-large outdoor pool, a sauna landscape with a sauna garden, an infusion event sauna, additional themed saunas as well as an infusion media sauna, which will feature music and light effects. In the area of the slide tower, a spacious water play area for children will be developed. The architectual bureau of Bremer + Bremer has been commissioned for the conception of the new bathing world. Barrier-free access was also an important aspect during the planning. For example, access to the pools will be provided with ramps, there will be barrier-free changing facilities and elevators will be installed to the individual floors.

The total investment into the new Lagunenbad will amount to around 31 million euros. Visitors will be able to enjoy the bathing complex again as of spring 2022. (eap)