13 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia/Liechtenstein: Start of Design Process for Six Flags’ “Falcon’s Flight” Superlative Coaster

The design process for the Six Flags Qiddiya high-thrill theme park’s anchor attraction “Falcon’s Flight” was kicked off. The ride, which will be supplied by Liechtenstein-based manufacturer Intamin, is set to become “the world’s longest, fastest and tallest coaster”, spanning a track length of approx. four kilometers and featuring a vertical cliff dive into a 160-meter-deep valley, achieving speeds of over 250 km/h. Furthermore, there will be three electromagnetic propulsion launch systems.

Daniel Schoppen, Vice President Design & Development at Intamin, comments: “I will never forget the moment when I was standing at the edge of the 200-meter-high cliff on the Tuwaiq Mountain in Qiddiya, looking into the valley and imagining the creation of a future record-setting roller coaster. I knew that exactly at this spot, The Falcon Flight will dive down along the cliff, ending in a unique exhilarating 250+ km/h proximity flight close to the ground. The worldwide unique setting and heights such as the natural cliff will enable us to design an architectural masterpiece in steel.”

Six Flags Qiddiya is part of the first phase of the planned large-scale Qiddiya leisure destination, developed by the Qiddiya Investment Company. It will span an area of 32 hectares and feature a total of 28 rides and attractions in six theme areas. The international consultancy group Atkins has recently been commissions with the lead design of the park, which is scheduled to open its gates in 2023 (cf. EAP News of 30 Nov 2020). (eap)