13 Jan 2021

China: A Chocolately New Theme World – Chocolate Kingdom Theme Park Now Open in Yingde

In the city of Yingde in southern China, which has over one million inhabitants, a new, chocolately theme park was opened recently. The Chocolate Kingdom Theme Park, which was developed by China Aoyuan Group Limited, a property development group, and China Cultural Tourism, is part of a bigger mixed-use development of 533 hectares. The Park itself, of which the design and construction took four years, spans a groundspace of 18 hectares. The design of the park was created by Belgium-based company KCC.

Yannick Maes, CEO of KCC, comments: “[…] When the Aoyuan group invited KCC as the lead designer of their chocolate theme park we were extremely excited! Our team went all the way in gaining extra knowledge (and weight) about chocolate and created an amazing immersive story as the DNA of the park.“ The park features four zones with the entrance area themed as a medieval village. Furthermore, the three other zones are each dedicated to one type of chocolate (milk, white and dark). “We also ensured that there is an indoor family entertainment centre that can function independently from the theme park and year round. This ‘Chocolate Factory’ contains over ten activities and attractions including a DIY chocolate workshop, a coaster and a chocolate museum.“ Overall, the park will offer 27 atttractions for all ages groups. (eap)