19 Jan 2008

‘Alpamare’ given the Industry Leadership Award by the World Waterpark Association (WWA)

Alpamare was given the Industry Leadership Award by the WWA, ‘for its pioneering work and innovation leadership in waterparks’, as it was stated in the justification. The award was handed over to Dr. Max Anton Hoefter, the founder and inventor of the Alpamare Concept. The Alpamare Concept is traditionally distinguished by the symbiosis of two base foundations: the fun element of American Summer Parks with slides and wave pool, combined with the health spa and wellness elements of European hot springs. Alpamare is still 100% privately owned and profitable without public or hidden subsidies. Alpamare has been developing, operating, and advising waterparks across Europe for more than three years. Among others, the ‘Waterville’ waterpark in St. Petersburg (Russia) is operated according to the Alpamare concept. Other waterparks are being developed in Turkey, Slovakia and Ukraine. The first Alpamare was opened in Bad Tölz (Bavaria) in 1970 – the second park, the Alpamare in Pfäffikon (Switzerland) followed in 1977. (eap)