07 Apr 2021

USA: Sky Hawk – Fun Spot America to Open New Ride in May 2021

© Fun Spot AmericaVery soon Orlando/Florida’s Fun Spot America amusement park will extend its attractions offer by adding a new family swing ride. Visitors will be able to enjoy the park from a bird’s eye view in lofty heights while seated in one of the twelve two-passenger gondolas of the around 27-meter-high (90 ft) tower ride “Sky Hawk”. Supplied by US manufacturer A.R.M. (USA) Inc. from Ohio, the new ride will be equipped with two different seating options, namely the traditional side-by-side ride seating as well as a side-by-side horizontal (prone) seating. The tower will spin around at a quick ten revolutions per minute. Located between the two existing rollercoasters “White Lightning” and “Freedom Flyer”, the new attraction will be nicely illuminated at night by LED lights.

“We’re excited to offer our guests this thrilling new ride,” said John Arie Jr., CEO of Fun Spot America Theme Parks. “The addition will make a visit to our park even more memorable for families!” The opening of the new ride is expected for May. (eap)