14 Sep 2023

Aventuur Announces Rollout of Surf Park Destinations in North America

Aventuur Announces Rollout of Surf Park Destinations in North America

Visual, Aventuur Perth, Australia

(eap) The US-Australian surf park developer Aventuur has announced its plans to roll out a number of surf park destinations in nine regions across North America. Currently, the company, which was founded in 2019 and holds exclusive rights to the “Wavegarden” technology developed by Spain’s Wavegarden enterprise, has two surf park projects in the pipeline: One for Perth in Australia, where construction is scheduled to begin in early 2024, and one in Auckland, New Zealand. In North America, Aventuur wants to realize such destinations in Atlanta, Austin, Dellas, Denver, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Nashville, Phoenix (all US cities) and Los Cabos (Mexico). The company also plans to implement projects in Los Angeles and New York.

Each of the planned North American projects would require a capital of around 50-100 million US dollars. The destinations are planned to feature a 5.5-acre (more than two-hectare) surfing lagoon, a variety of dining, wellness and fitness options, as well as event facilities. To support the North American rollout, Aventuur has raised some USD 12 million (approx. EUR 11 million) in funding through various investors. Leadership over the North American projects will be held by Thomas Rubel, who joins the company as the new Head of Development for North America.

“We are excited to be launching in North America and applying all that we have learned from developing projects in Australia and New Zealand. Skiing and golf have long demonstrated how lifestyle sports can create value when thoughtfully integrated with real estate. We see surfing as the next frontier and firmly believe that the Wavegarden offers the most compelling experiential anchor for mixed-use real estate developments,” said Aventuur Co-Founder and CEO, Nicholas Edelman. “By creating new destinations that encourage people to get outdoors, learn new skills, pursue healthy activities and connect with like-minded individuals, we can achieve our purpose of improving physical and mental wellbeing across North America.”

“Through our research, we understand there are currently 28 million surfing enthusiasts in the United States, but less than 10 percent are regularly surfing. We believe this shows that access, not aspiration, has been the barrier to entry. By providing quality uncrowded waves, we can satisfy existing pent-up demand and in inland communities provide opportunities to people who have not yet experienced the joys of surfing,” added Edelman. ■

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