30 Mar 2023

Thermal Beach Club Announces Endless Surf Pool

Coachella Valley’s Thermal Beach Club in California has announced the creation of an artificial surfing facility by Canadian company Endless Surf (WhiteWater). A surf pool of 1.5 hectares is to be created on an eight-hectare lake. The design of the facility is developed by Endless Surf in cooperation with the firm of Martin Aquatic, which supplies the Blue Mar system. Blue Mar is a patent-pending technology that allows builders to create pools of any size – with no limits on the swimming guests volume, minimum pool size restrictions and less manual maintenance.

The surf pool will get the ES60 model from Endless Surf, which creates realistic waves with the help of 60 caissons. The system can generate waves up to two meters high and ten parallel surf zones. The special feature of the model is that thanks to two strategically placed islands, both waves for experienced surfers as well as easier ones for beginners can be created.

Construction of the billion-dollar project is scheduled to begin at the end of this year. In addition to surfing, the Thermal Beach Club, the brainchild of WhiteStar Development founders Patrick Belous and Brian Grantham, will offer a variety of amenities for residents. The 326-home luxury neighborhood will provide adrenaline-pumping attractions like rock climbing and cliff jumping, as well as more relaxed options like stand-up paddling, kayaking, and spa and wellness areas. In addition, residents can look forward to a fitness center and sports fields, as well as dining options. (eap)

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