12 May 2023

Big Bear Mountain Family Roller Coaster Opens in Dollywood Today

(eap) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee-based Dollywood Park today opens its new “Big Bear Mountain” family roller coaster in the “Wildwood Grove” themed area. With $25 million, the new attraction represents the theme park’s largest single attraction investment. The 48 mph (77 km/h) Vekoma coaster takes its passengers on an expedition through the Smokies in search of the elusive “Big Bear”. Along the way, several thrill moments await guests on the 3,990-foot (1,216-meter) roller coaster track: three separate launches, several airtime moments, fast carousel turns and tunnels, as well as the passing of a waterfall. The coaster cars, themed as four-wheel drive SUVs, seat up to 20 people total and are equipped with on-board audio, providing passengers with announcements from Wildwood Grove “Ned Oakley” wilderness explorer as well as music during the thrilling ride. The minimum height requirement to participate in the exciting expedition ride is one meter (39”), so even younger guests can enjoy the ride. ■

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