02 Feb 2024

Cadbury World Announces New “Chocolate Quest” Dark Ride

Cadbury World Announces New “Chocolate Quest” Dark Ride

(eap) The Cadbury World chocolate experience in Birmingham has announced the opening of a new dark ride called “Cadbury Chocolate Quest” this spring. The upcoming attraction is an interactive, trackless ride (from ETF Ride Systems & Alterface) with virtual screens, 3D sets and educational elements, which will send the family audience on a mission alongside Cadbury character “Freddo” to collect all the delicious ingredients for a Cadbury chocolate bar. Guests will be able to aim at the corresponding targets with interactive shooters. Sound, lighting, scent and heat effects will turn the ride into a sensory experience. The new dark ride replaces the previous “Cadabra” dark ride, which was in operation for 27 years and delighted over 14 million guests during this time.

The new ride, which will also be accessible in a wheel chair, is part of Merlin Entertainments’ current investment program to further optimize the visitor experience at Cadbury World, which includes further projects in the coming months. Merlin Entertainments had taken over operations of the attraction at the beginning of 2023. “We’re delighted to announce the upcoming opening of Cadbury Chocolate Quest. The new ride will be an opportunity for parents to take their children through a whole new chocolatey experience, with even more fun along the way! The motivation and inspiration behind the new ride comes with larger ambitions for the future of Cadbury World, and we’re excited for our guests to enjoy what’s in store at our attraction this year,” commented Tim Waters, Regional Director of the Birmingham cluster at Merlin Entertainments.

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