20 Sep 2023

Chimelong Spaceship Starts into Soft Opening

Chimelong Spaceship Starts into Soft Opening

courtesy of Legacy Entertainment

(eap) After several years of development and some project delays, the new leisure destination Chimelong Spaceship – previously called “Chimelong Marine Science Park” among other names –, located in Zhuhai, China, started into its soft opening this past Saturday. The latest theme park and leisure complex of the Guangzhou-based Chimelong Group features a large indoor theme park, an equally spacious visitor aquarium and an indoor artificial wave, among other attractions. The versatile line-up of rides and experiences include the “Bermuda Storm” simulator with a remarkable capacity of 304 passengers on only one platform (implemented by Brogent Technologies), a “Submarine Dark Ride” attraction by Mack Rides, a total of eleven Zamperla rides and further installations. The park design partner was Legacy Entertainment from California, known for projects such as Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park and the Sea Shell Aquarium at VinWonders Phu Quoc.

As the design firm also announced, that Chimelong Spaceship can claim seven new Guinness World Records: With an enclosed area of 397,064 (almost 40 hectares) square meters, the associated indoor park is considered the world’s largest, taking over this title from Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, which has an area of over 15 hectares. It also features the world’s largest aquarium with the world’s largest aquarium tank and the largest display of a coral reef in a total of ten specialized coral tanks, the world’s largest artificial wave measuring up to 3.2 meters, the highest capacity motion simulator currently available (mentioned earlier) with only one platform, and the largest curved projection screen used in this very simulator attraction (Bermuda Storm). Learn more about Chimelong Spaceship in one of our upcoming magazine issues. ■

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