08 Feb 2024

Doppelmayr Plans Largest Investment in Company History

Doppelmayr Plans Largest Investment in Company History

(eap) The Austrian ropeway manufacturer Doppelmayr is planning a new production site at the Hohe Brücke in Wolfurt (Vorarlberg, Austria) with a high-bay warehouse and production halls for around EUR 200 million, making it the largest single investment in the company’s history to date. The factory at the Hohe Brücke site is more than fully utilized and an expansion is therefore urgently needed, explains Doppelmayr’s Managing Director for Production, Gerhard Gassner: “Our employees do an outstanding job in completing all ropeways to the highest quality and on time. However, we urgently need more space for production and warehousing and, above all, more employees to be able to meet these requirements in the future.”

Over the next four to five years, some 850 jobs are to be created at the Hohe Brücke site. The planned new production halls will cover an area of 45,000 square meters. Among other things, a high-bay warehouse with a storage capacity of 100,000 small parts storage spaces, 50,000 Euro pallet spaces and 1,800 spaces for large pallets (6 x 2.5 meters) are to be built here. “For us, this major project represents a clear commitment to the Vorarlberg location, but above all to the market town of Wolfurt, to which our company has traditionally felt a strong connection,” says Gassner.

Angelika Moosbrugger, Mayor of Wolfurt, is also delighted with the expansion plans: “Doppelmayr and the market town of Wolfurt have enjoyed a partnership for decades. We are proud when a global company like Doppelmayr commits to the location and implements such major development steps here. In addition to its role as a strong employer, Doppelmayr is characterized by its local support for associations, for example, and currently as an ambitious developer of the Rickenbach district together with us as a municipality. We attach great importance to this cooperation at eye level and wish them every success with this major project.”

The existing Kella plant in Rickenbach is to be relocated to the Hohe Brücke site once the new production halls have been completed. The relocation will allow around 40,000 square meters of land to be used as building land for the creation of living space in the future. ■

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