17 Oct 2023

ELORIA Erlebnisfabrik Expands Escape Room

ELORIA Erlebnisfabrik Expands Escape Room

Photo: Courtesy of ELORIA

(eap) The ELORIA Erlebnisfabrik, located in Bottrop in Germany’s Ruhr region, operated by ELORIA GmbH – a subsidiary of Paperdice Solutions GmbH from Berlin – has added a new building to its “Exploria” Escape Room. Specifically, it’s a bank building that fits into the city, which is modelled on the 1920s. From now on, the account balances of the players will be stored in the bank, so that they can withdraw the money they earned during a first game when they come for a repeat visit. In addition, a high score of the wealthiest players is also maintained.

“One of the special features in our Escape City EXPLORIA is its own fictitious economic system,” explains ELORIA Managing Director Michael Bierhahn. “With the so-called time tickets, we give our guests the opportunity to earn money of a fictitious currency with tasks and puzzles within the game and then also spend it in the city on certain elements such as drinks, food or souvenirs.”

There are already further investment plans and construction work is underway on a second floor in the first houses of EXPLORIA. “We are not running out of ideas and over the operating period of around one and a half years, the demand for space has grown steadily so far. Large groups and companies in particular have recognized the potential of ELORIA Erlebnisfabrik as an attractive event location. With the expansion of our main attraction, we also want to meet the growing demand for large group experiences in the Ruhr region,” explains Bierhahn. ■

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