24 Oct 2023

EWA and DGfdB Resume Pleasing Results of the Summer Season

EWA and DGfdB Resume Pleasing Results of the Summer Season

(eap) The European Waterpark Association e.V. (EWA) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e.V. (German Association of Public Pools) draw a positive conclusion to this year’s summer. Many leisure pools and spas in Germany and Europe were able to record growing visitor numbers. “A lot has been reported about individual incidents in German outdoor pools, but little about the fact that since the beginning of the year we can once again look forward to a significant influx in our indoor and outdoor pools,” explained Dr. h.c. Fritz Schramma, president of the DGfdB. Also, the president of the EWA, Markus Achleitner (Upper Austrian Minister of Economic Affairs), reports positive figures. According to him, 96 percent of the EWA spas surveyed in Germany saw an increase in guest numbers in the current fiscal year 2023 compared to 2022. This amounted to an average of 19.2 percent.

Despite remaining challenges, Achleitner is optimistic about the future: “The increase in energy prices and general price increases, as well as the tense situation on the labour market, continue to pose major challenges for our pool operations, but what motivates us and our employees is the enormous demand of our guests.” Especially in times when visits to the pools were limited, they recognized how important the opportunities for swimming, sauna bathing and relaxation are for their physical and mental health. For this, people are also willing to spend more money than before the pandemic: “Around half of our member pools have again reached the visitor numbers of 2019, the others are still just below, but in terms of sales, 86% are already above the comparable value for 2019.” ■

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