18 Apr 2024

Emerald Park Announces Names of New Coasters

Emerald Park Announces Names of New Coasters

Logo Images: Courtesy of Emerald Park

(eap) Emerald Park, located about half an hour’s drive north of Dublin, is opening the “Tír na nÓg” themed area next month, which is based on a Celtic legend and includes two roller coasters. The names of the two Vekoma coasters have now been announced: The Suspended Thrill Coaster will be called “Na Fianna Force”. The smaller Family Boomerang, whose track layout is closely interwoven with Na Fianna Force, will be called “The Quest”.

While the name Na Fianna Force is derived from a legendary band of Celtic warriors, The Quest describes the underlying story of the Family Boomerang, according to which passengers set off on a journey through the mystical land of Tír na nÓg. In addition to the two roller coasters, the theme area also offers a third ride: a Wave Swinger from Zierer – from now called “Celtic Dreamer”.

Tír na nÓg is the first elaborately themed world at Emerald Park, which was still called Tayto Park until the end of 2022. Find out more about the new developments at “Ireland’s only theme park” in our interview with Managing Director Charles Coyle, which was published in EAP issue 6/23 and can be read in its full length here. ■

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