29 Sep 2022

Ireland: Emerald Park: This Will Be Tayto Park’s New Name as of 2023

Ireland: Emerald Park: This Will Be Tayto Park’s New Name as of 2023

Charles Coyle

Now the cat is out of the bag – from January 2023, Ireland’s Tayto Park will welcome its guests under the new name Emerald Park. The name was announced today by General Manager Charles Coyle. We had already reported earlier that the theme park and zoo’s name sponsorship based on a partnership with potato chip manufacturer Tayto will end at the end of this year. Now work is underway to complete a full rebranding (including a new website etc.), which is planned to be finished by the new year. The new park name alludes to “Emerald Isle”, Ireland’s nickname for the lush green nature of the island located on the northwestern tip of Europe.

The entire park team is looking forward to the beginning of a new era. Charles Coyle says, “When we announced that the name of the Park would change, we were inundated with ideas from the public and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm. We commissioned a piece of research and EMERALD PARK was the clear favourite. We will start next year with a new name and new brand throughout the Park.”

Marketing Manager Niamh Reynolds explains, “We made the strategic decision to not look for a brand title sponsor but rather create a new brand – EMERALD PARK – which we hope will be supported next year by a number of strategic brand partners from various sectors – FMCG, energy, transport to name a few. We are actively meeting brand teams at present and we are very confident we will have the right partners in place for 2023.”

Tayto Park, which consists of a zoo and an amusement park, was founded in 2010 by Raymond Coyle (†2022) and is continued by his son Charles. With the groundbreaking ceremony this summer for two new rollercoasters with an investment volume of 30 million euros and some new animals to the zoo, an exciting development is expected for Emerald Park in the coming and following years. (eap)

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