16 Feb 2023

Gardaland to Premiere New “Nautilus” Live Show – Visitors Become Protagonists Themselves

Italy’s Gardaland Resort, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments, has announced to premiere “Nautilus”, a special new live show in this upcoming 2023 season. In this stage performance, the audience will feel especially immersed into the action thanks to a narratively designed environment, even before they enter the “Gardaland Theatre”. In the theater itself, the idea is to create a feeling among guests as if they were in an observation room. The room is themed as the “Ship of Nautilus” owned by “Captain Nemo”. The story, transported by a 22-member show cast, is dedicated to exploring the depths of the ocean. The special essence of the performance, however, lies in the audience’s participation in the show. Live shots capturing the emotions of the moment and technological surprise effects such as jets of water and steam are intended to create a particularly emotional effect on the individual viewer. By the use of LED walls, panels and projectors, the experience is being made highly vivid thanks to video mapping.

 In our Park Report, to be published in EAP issue 2/2023, we report on the novelties Gardaland and numerous other European parks will present to their visitors this year. (eap)

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