18 Mar 2022

Germany: A “Strohnado“ Sweeps through Rasti-Land Soon

A storm is coming to Rasti-Land (Lower Saxony, Germany), but luckily not a destructive one, rather one of the fun kind. With “Strohnado“ – a mix from the German word “Stroh“, which means straw, and tornado – the park, who will start into its 2022 season on April 2nd, announced an all-new attraction.

The new roller coaster experience will be a “Spinning Coaster“ by Italian manufacturer SBF Visa, the train of which will consist out of three gondolas which spin horizontally and one hamster wheel gondola which will spin vertically. Children aged four years and older and 100 centimeter tall are allowed to enter the horizontal-spinning gondolas accompanied by an adult, for entering the hamster wheel gondolas children have to be at least eight years old or 130 centimeter tall. Strohnado is being constructed on a terrain part of the park’s former Jeep track and is themed as a farm hit by a tornado. The coaster’s gondolas are supposed to look like flying bales of straw during the ride and were designed accordingly - the train reaches a maximum speed of eight metres per second on the 60-metre-long track.

Another version of this ride (being the first installation o fit in Europe) has been operating at Ravensburger Spieleland since last year. Read more about it in our cover story “Spin & Loop“ in EAP issue 6/21. Also, read our Park Report 2022 to learn what novelties await visitors to other European theme parks this year. (eap)

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