23 Dec 2022

Germany: BattleKart Opens Fourth German Location in Essen

 Germany: BattleKart Opens Fourth German Location in Essen

“With turbo power through the virtual karting paradise!“ is the slogan of BattleKart Beyond Reality. In addition to the already excisting centers in Bispingen, Cologne and the location in Trier, which opened this summer, Germany‘s fourth BattleKart location has now opened its doors at Messe Essen. The kart track celebrated its premiere on December 3rd, 2022, at the start of the Essen Motor Show. The hall has been available for use to all visitors since the end of the show on December 12th. The facility offers guests an interactive and immersive “Mario Kart“-style gaming experience entirely without VR goggles. Instead of sitting infront of a screen, players take seat in real electric karts and race them through a “virtual“ world. This is created by several projectors mounted on the ceiling of the hall, which project various tracks and games onto the hall floor.

Special sensors on the vehicles cause them to react to each other, so that if the players trigger effects via a tablet attached to the kart or via buttons on the steering wheel, such as firing a rocket in the game “Battle Karts“, and another player is hit as a result, that player is slowed down for a few seconds. In addition to “Battle Karts“, players can now choose from five other games (“Battle Color“, “Battle Snake“, “Battle Foot“, “Battle Virus“ and “Battle Pool“). A game slot lasts 15 minutes, so several 3-5 minute mini-games can be played in that time. A maximum of twelve karts can drive at the same time per game. Driving fun is guaranteed for young and old, regardless of age. The only requirement for safe use of the electric karts is a minimum height of 1.45 meters (4.76 foot). (eap)

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