31 Aug 2020

USA/Slovenia: PrimeTime Amusements & 360 Karting Develop New FEC Attractions

The consulting division of PrimeTime Amusements – an US American company specialized in arcade games and in the operation of gaming centres and FECs – will cooperate with the Slovenia-based 360 Karting go kart track manufacturing company in order to work together on their latest FEC project Amazinga in Zagreb/Croatia.  The existing visitor offer in the FEC focuses on attractions with physical interactivity. For its future expansion, 360 Karting and PrimeTime Amusements will develop and realize new ideas and concepts.

PrimeTime Amusements President David Goldfarb commented on the newly formed relationship; “We have long worked with 360 Karting in the past as their ingenuity for go-kart tracks is second to none … they formulate and deliver tracks that are not only innovative, but fun and safe at the same time. Now, their first ‘foray’ into the FEC subsector is something we’re both excited about.” James Heap, President of Biz Karts USA, one of the world’s leading go-kart manufacturers, commented on the relationship as well, as it was he who introduced the two sides; “It’s great for all parties involved – with PrimeTime and 360 putting their heads together, new and exciting projects will come about that will reinvigorate the FEC spectrum and ultimately offer customers an entirely different level of fun.” (eap)

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