09 May 2023

Le PAL Opens New Interactive Champi’Folies Dark Ride

(eap) The French amusement and animal park Le PAL, based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, has added a new attraction to its line-up: Since 29 April, guests have been able to experience an unforgettable journey through the world of the crazy “Too Mush” characters in the new media-based dark ride “Champi’Folies”. The attraction is based on the interactive dark ride model “Smash & Reload” by supplier BoldMove Nation, which implemented the ride in collaboration with its Canadian partner Triotech.

Arnaud Bennet, president of the park, explains, “Champi’Folies introduces a new ‘species’ that speaks to the heart of our visitors, who are warmly embracing these cute TooMush characters. It is a pleasure to see that young and old enjoy this immersive experience side by side in a friendly competition.  The attraction offers a seamless transition between the theme and animal park, re-energizing this park area with a weatherproof attraction. We are really pleased with the cooperation, which results in a high-quality and fun attraction with rich theming.”

The implementation at Le PAL marks the first ride of its kind from the supplier. Find all further details about the novelty in our upcoming July/August issue (EAP 4/2023). ■

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