27 Feb 2024

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Comes to Cinemas

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Comes to Cinemas

Image: Courtesy of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

(eap) On March 7, “WUNDERLAND – Vom Kindheitstraum zum Welterfolg” (engl.: “Wonderland – From Childhood Dream to Global Fame“) is going to start in German cinemas. The emotional documentary about Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg tells the story of the founding twins Frederik and Gerrit Braun. It shows how the joy of playing gave rise to the craziest ideas and how their early fascination with model making ultimately laid the foundations for Wunderland. As animated miniature figures, the young Gerrit and Frederik Braun slip into the wonderland themselves in the film, discover the craziest details, have exciting encounters with some of the more than 289,000 figures, learn to understand the technology behind them and how to control them.

In addition to emotional interviews, the journey takes viewers all the way to South America to the Martinez model-making family. The Rio de Janeiro and Patagonia sections were created together over several years in their workshops near Buenos Aires. Started as an intercontinental building project by a large number of model builders from Hamburg and Argentina, true friendships across continents developed in a very short time.

The 89-minute film follows the biography “Kleine Welt, großer Traum” (engl.: “Little World, Big Dream”) by the Braun twin brothers, which was published in 2017. The documentary film was created by film production company B|14 in collaboration with TOBIS and director Sabine Howe. On October 1, the film celebrated its premiere at the Hamburg Film Festival in a sold-out movie theatre. It will be officially released in cinemas across Germany on March 7.

With over 1,600 square meters of space and around 1.5 million visitors per year, Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway in the world and one of Hamburg’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors can discover eleven model worlds from Austria to Rio de Janeiro at Miniatur Wunderland. This spring, the model area is to be expanded by 63 square meters to include Monaco and Provence. A rainforest section and the Caribbean are to follow in 2025; the first part of Asia in 2026. ■

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