24 Aug 2023

New Virtual Reality Tour around Cologne Cathedral

New Virtual Reality Tour around Cologne Cathedral

(eap) TimeRide GmbH, which was founded in Munich in 2016 and offers virtual reality city tours of around 90 minutes in Cologne and other German cities (amongst other experiences), has now created a new VR tour around the city’s landmark – Cologne Cathedral. This can be explored in a 45-minute VR experience called “TimeRide GO! Cologne Cathedral 360 – Everything about our World Heritage Site”. At five VR stations around the cathedral, visitors will be able to experience 700 years of cathedral history. They embark on a journey from the planning of the cathedral’s construction in the Middle Ages to the present day. To do this, each visitor puts on virtual reality goggles at © TimeRide the five VR stations and immerses directly in past times thanks to 360-degree moving image scenarios. Thanks to its importance for the city of Cologne, the project was funded by the “Cologne Framework” support program of KölnBusiness.

“Many Cologne residents and tourists are familiar with our time travels to pre-war Cologne in 1926 or our VR city tours through Cologne’s Old Town. Again and again we hear the request for more TimeRide time travel offers,” explains Jonas Rothe, founder and managing director of TimeRide GmbH. “With the new special tour around Cologne Cathedral, we are very happy to comply with this request.” ■

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