06 Feb 2024

OUTERverse – the New Experience at Wake the Tiger Amazement Park

OUTERverse – the New Experience at Wake the Tiger Amazement Park

Photo: Courtesy of Plaster Communications

(eap) Wake the Tiger Amazement Park® opened in Bristol (UK) in July 2022. Wake the Tiger is an artfully designed, multi-dimensional indoor adventure world in which the boundaries between exhibition, interactive theme park and detailed backdrop world have been woven together to create a surreal-looking adventure walk-through. Since opening, Amazement Park has welcomed almost 300,000 visitors.

With “OUTERverse” Wake the Tiger expanded last week. Here, visitors find 15 new interactive rooms on a new floor covering around 1,000 square meters. In the immersive experience, visitors leave the world of “Meridia” (which is explored in the first exhibition) through the Transition Station and are greeted in the new world by an “Inter-Dimensional Boarding Travel Agent” who accompanies visitors on their journey. Creative installations by various artists, consisting largely of recycled materials, light installations and projections allow visitors to immerse themselves in a new dimension.

“We wanted to combine connection, memories and spirituality into a journey that will blow people’s minds, where every moment promises breathtaking visuals and awe-inspiring concepts beyond imagination. Our new ‘Astral Tours’ offer a unique opportunity to go on a trip into the unknown to foster a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life. Developing this second stage has been a wonderful process. Words can’t describe what to expect, so Bristol is just going to have to come and see it for themselves!”, explains Graham MacVoy, Managing Director of Amazement Park, full of optimism. ■

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