27 Mar 2024

Pleasure Beach Resort Unveils Additions for 2024 Season

Pleasure Beach Resort Unveils Additions for 2024 Season

Photo: Courtesy of Pleasure Beach Resort

(eap) The British Pleasure Beach Resort (formerly Blackpool Pleasure Beach) in Lancashire, England, is investing in various additions this season. New entertainment offerings such as new shows, live action and pop-up performances make up a large part of this. These include new high-tech LED “Glowbots” to light up the park – visitors can again experience the park after sunset this year as part of the “Twilight Thrills” event. Also, there is a new Juice Bar offering smoothies and snacks as well as a new Greek-inspired menu in the “T-Café”.

Furthermore, several million pounds have been invested in revamping existing attractions. These include the re-tracking of the 20-year-old Arrow Dynamic coaster “Big One”, the redesign of the iconic “Ghost Train” dark ride and updates to the “Alice in Wonderland” themed ride. Further modernization work on the “Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic” and “Valhalla” rides is scheduled to take place over the course of the season. Beyond that, a new major attraction is set to move into the park. This is said to be built on the site of the “Grand Prix” ride, which has to make way for the new attraction. “While we’re keeping the specifics under wraps at the moment, our new ride promises to push the boundaries of excitement and solidify our position as one of the UK’s leading attractions,” announces Amanda Thompson, CEO of Pleasure Beach Resort. The new ride is said to be one of the theme park’s biggest attractions alongside “ICON” (Mack Rides), “Big One” (Arrow Dynamics) and “Valhalla” (Intamin).

“We have more to experience here at Pleasure Beach than ever before – with Adventure Golf, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, a world-famous ice arena where you can learn to skate, amazing shows and events, two fantastic hotels, a fine-dining restaurant, and of course the park itself as the centre piece. It’s all of these parts combined that make us Pleasure Beach Resort – and a fantastic reason to visit Blackpool. Our evolution to Pleasure Beach Resort and the additions we’ve announced today are just the beginning. We’re constantly reviewing our 42 acres of space and we’re always working on plans to improve our already great offering of rides and attractions.” ■

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