29 Apr 2022

Poland: Łódź Zoo Presents Southeast Asian World in New Orientarium Complex

The Łódź Zoo opened in 1938 and houses more than 2,000 animals from over 550 different species on an area of over 16 hectares. After four years of construction, the zoo today officially opens the new “Orientarium”, a large modern zoo complex dedicated specifically to the flora and fauna of Southeast Asia.

The Orientarium represents the largest investment in the zoo’s history and the revitalization of nearly half of the existing zoo facility. The new complex is home to a total of 35 animals, including orangutans, Malayan bears, Ganges gavials and Indian elephants. In the four themed areas of the new space, visitors can observe the animals on land as well as in and under water. The highlight of the complex is a 26-meter long underwater tunnel that allows guests to view more than 1,300 fish and other sea creatures swimming above their heads.

Many of the animal inhabitants in the Orientarium belong to those species that are threatened with extinction. That is why the zoo wants to draw special attention to this issue with the new complex and make visitors aware of it. In addition to modern animal husbandry, the zoo also focuses on a contemporary visitor offer and provides guests with educational and interactive stations and activities within the new complex. This is intended to appeal in particular to the youngest visitors, providing them with playful ways of learning about the endangered animal world. (eap)

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