01 Mar 2023

SeaWorld Entertainment Reports Record Earnings for 2022

“We are pleased to report another quarter and fiscal year of record financial results,” said Marc Swanson, Chief Executive Officer of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. “For fiscal 2022, we delivered record revenue, record net income and record Adjusted EBITDA. […] We continued to drive growth in total per caps, including during our Halloween and Christmas events during the quarter, demonstrating the effectiveness of our revenue strategies, our pricing power and the strength of consumer spending in our parks. I want to thank our ambassadors for their continued dedication, efforts, and contributions, without which, these strong results would not have been possible.”

The Orlando/FL-based operator group can thus look back on a successful fiscal year 2022. In figures, this is reflected as follows:

  • A total of 21.9 million guests were welcomed in the 12 associated theme and water parks 2022, which corresponds to a visitor increase of 8.6% percent compared to the previous year and to a slight decrease of 3% compared to 2019 (before the Covid-19 outbreak).
  • (Record) Net Revenues 2022: 1,731.2 million USD (EUR 1,636.3 million) – an increase of 15.1% over FY 2021 and 23.8% more compared to 2019.
  • (Record) Net Income 2022: With incomes of 291.2 million USD (EUR 275.3 million), the group records an increase of 13.5% over the previous year and 225.4% over 2019.
  • (Record) Adjusted EBITDA: At 728.2 million USD (EUR 688.4 million) – up 10% from last fiscal year and 59.4% from 2019.
  • (Record) per capita spending (average): Increased 6% to 78.91 USD (EUR 74.13) compared to fiscal 2021 and 27.7% to fiscal 2019.

The company also acquired 12.4 million shares with a total value of 693.6 million USD (EUR 655.7 million) in fiscal 2022, as well as provided aid for more than 1,000 animals in need in the wild. SeaWorld Entertainment has entered 2023 with a number of new project and attraction plans, which we will keep you, dear readers, updated on.

“We are pleased with the start to 2023 and looking forward, we are very excited about our plans with an exceptional line up of new rides, attractions, events and new and improved in park venues and offerings. Given the investments that we have made and will be making, the continued success of our strategies and our strong financial position, we continue to expect meaningful growth and new records in revenue and Adjusted EBITDA for 2023,” concluded Swanson.  (eap)

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