19 Jan 2023

The Netherlands: Dormio Group and Roompot Agree to Take Over Thirty Vacation Parks

The Arnhem, Netherlands-based real estate development company Dormio Group, which also operates resorts and hotels, wants to take over thirty vacation parks from the likewise Dutch vacation park operator Roompot. The latter had already announced in 2021 that it wanted to buy the vacation park chain Landal GreenParks, which now belongs to the European Awaze Group. With the sale of the thirty Dutch vacation parks, Roompot is aiming for the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) to approve the acquisition of Landal GreenParks. Park employees at the leisure facilities are to be retained and would keep their current terms of employment and years of service earned prior to the acquisition. Dormio and Roompot expect the acquisition to be completed by the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second quarter of 2023, following the completion of the competitive process with the ACM, the consultation with employee organizations and the acquisition of Landal GreenParks by Roompot. (eap)

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