15 Apr 2024

Therme Bucharest Attracts Record Number of International Visitors

Therme Bucharest Attracts Record Number of International Visitors

Herbarium festival was created as a celebration of the active sauna community at Therme Bucharest.

(eap) Therme Bucharest near the Romanian capital, which is operated by Therme Group, set a record number of international visitors in 2023. Around 30 percent of spa visitors came from abroad, according to official figures. Bookings in the United Kingdom alone increased by 240 percent compared to the previous year. The reason for this boom is related to a successful PR campaign and a British trend towards “extreme day trips”, meaning that visitors travel to a destination and back home on the same day. Soon, however, British guests will no longer have to travel all the way to Romania to take advantage of Therme Group’s comprehensive spa and wellness offers. The Group’s first location in the UK is expected to open in Manchester next year (see web news from 10.03.2023).

Furthermore, the wide range of events on offer also attracts visitors to Therme Bucharest. Last year, for example, the “Herbarium Festival” took place for the first time, and guests were able to enjoy sauna infusions from 13 international Aufguss masters. The well-known “Sauna Fest” also attracts more and more visitors every year – around 30,000 in 2023. Another popular series of events last year were the “Korean Days at Therme”, which were organized in cooperation with the South Korean city of Mungyeong and invited guests to get to know South Korean art, culture and gastronomy.

In addition to spa facilities, Therme Bucharest is also known for its “Galaxy” slide hall, where water slide fans get their money’s worth. Two new turbo slides from wiegand.waterrides were recently put into operation here, which we will present you in our upcoming EAP issue 3/2024 (to be published on May 2). ■

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