Issue 1: January/February 2009

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Duelling Coaster for Universal Studios Sentosa Island
  • The Asian Growth Market
  • "Die Welle" in Gütersloh, Germany
  • 3-D Films Live!
  • Interbad 2008: Convincing Appearance in New Surroundings
  • IAAPA Expo in the Cold Shadow
Special Feature
| Hire Reality
Not only do bees hold an irreplaceable importance for life on our planet as pollinators, but they also provide us with the oldest known sweetener to man - honey - as well as wax, which was used to makes candles, the only source of light in the past ...

Special Feature
| Gondwana Opened
"Gondwana" was the precursor supercontinent which covered the Southern Hemisphrere of our planet in primeval times. The name comes from a region in central India. Back then, Antarctica, Australia, India, Madagascar, Africa and South America formed a single massive continent ...

Special Feature
| Launch-Coaster
Rollercoaster development is moving along ever faster. New seating positions and movement possibilities for the carriages have been just as successfully introduced to the market as routeing sections which have no schema ...

Special Feature
| Westside-Story
Last October the Westside leisure centre and shopping complex, the construction of which ran at 500 million Swiss francs, opened on the outskirts of Bern. The so-called mixed complex includes a shopping mall, entertainment facilities and residential units, ...