Issue 2/2019: March/April 2019

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • 100 Years of Bavaria Film in Geiselgasteig
  • Park IJsselweide: A Golf Course Becomes an Entertainment Center
  • Coney Island's Luna Park Set to Grow
  • The Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham
  • KOEZIO with New Escape Games & VR Attractions
  • HopLop Pulheim: Finnish Indoor Park Chain Expands
  • Illucity: Entertainment Enters a New Dimension
  • Interview with Kieran Stanley, CEO of dan pearlman
  • Blackstone Continues Investing in Center Parcs
  • "Jungle Splash": New Water Playground at Tropical Islands
  • Waterpark News from Austria, Germany & Italy
  • France's Nausicaá Aquarium Expands with Huge Salt Water Tank
  • Equilaland: Munich's New Horse Adventure World
  • Trendy, Delicious & Refreshing: Ice Cream Novelties 2019
Special Feature
| Spreewelten 2.0

Creating a USP with Penguin Storytelling

A lot has changed at Germany's Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau, the pool where swimming with penguins has been possible since 2008. With its current 22 Humboldt penguins the pool is also a registered zoo. The penguin enclosure has now been newly showcased – also, there has been further investment in ...

Special Feature
| Park Report 2018/19

Hot Summer Drives Growth in Europe

It was a summer to remember! A heatwave in Europe and tropical temperatures lasting well into autumn. The ideal conditions for a good amusement park season, perhaps, or was the summer simply too hot to attract visitors into the parks in large numbers? The evaluation of our park survey results may reveal ...

Special Feature
| Tropical Fun

Energylandia's Outdoor Waterpark

Polish amusement park Energylandia has garnered international attention in recent years due to its rapid growth. An 1,800 square metre pool area was integrated into the popular theme park in 2016, and the existing water park area was expanded significantly in June 2018. The newly-opened water park ...

Special Feature
| Indoor Attack

What's New in Location-based Entertainment

Weather-independent indoor entertainment offerings for the whole family are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe. Thus, the diversity of such location-based entertainment facilities is increasing, too. Whether thrills & sports at the new Bear Grylls Adventure, the first HopLop center outside Finland ...