Issue 2/2023: March/April 2023

Further Topics (Excerpt):

  • Silvretta Therme: The All-New Wellness Paradise in Ischgl, Austria
  • Aquashow Park Opens First Indoor Water Park in Portugal
  • Pioneers of the Industry – An Interview with Christian Reverchon (93)
  • World of Wonders: The New FEC in Doha (Qatar)
  • Textile Sauna: Pros & Cons of this Trend
  • Book Review: “Integrated Storytelling by Design”, Klaus Sommer Paulsen
  • Meta Quest Pro: More than Just Gaming
Special Feature
| Luminaire Design

Perfect Light by Robers-Leuchten

The Germany-based handicraft company Robers-Leuchten is one of the “hidden champions” of the international leisure industry. A company that actively shapes the themed areas and attractions in amusement parks as well as in their associated restaurants and hotel complexes, and helps to stage them perfectly through individual luminaire design ...

Special Feature
| Park Report

Show Vigour & Flexibility

After the two pandemic years, great hopes were pinned on the year 2022 across the industry. But new dark clouds appeared on the horizon early on: War in Europe, inflation, energy crisis... At a time when the state of emergency seems to be becoming the rule, our Park Report 2022/23 takes an analytical look at an industry that has also faced these new challenges ...

Special Feature
| Mission Ferrari

The all-new SFX Coaster

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers “Formula Rossa” , the fastest roller coaster in the world. Shortly after its opening, Farah Experiences (today Miral Experiences) announced major expansion plans. The goal was to increase the park’s capacity by 40 percent. The result of this long-awaited expansion can now be experienced in the form of the world’s first SFX coaster, which promises passengers a fast-paced adventure under the name “Mission Ferrari” ...

Special Feature
| Naked Facts

Textile Sauna as A Future Trend?

The fact that sauna bathing is a thoroughly health-promoting bathing ritual for healthy people who are not burdened by illness does not need to be explained here. And as a matter of principle, saunas are taken in the nude. Is that so? Not at all. Where perhaps a certain sense of shame prevents some people from taking regular saunas, the textile sauna may be an alternative to the conventional naked ritual ...