Issue 3: May/June 2009

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Jeanménil: Water Fight for Fraispertuis City
  • Belantis Gives You Wings
  • Ocean Park: A Fixed Establishment in Hong Kong
  • EWA Member Survey: Results & Expectations
  • Wörgl/Tyrol, Austria: "Wave" is Making Some Big Waves
  • Believing is Just the Beginning ... Interview with Tony Baxter
Special Feature
| Gröna Lund with "Insane" Rollercoaster
We wonder if Gröna Lund's founding father Jacob Schultheiss ever would have guessed that his small collection of roundabouts would one day serve as the basis for one of Scandinavia's most important amusement parks ...

Special Feature
| "Sommerlands"
For one thing, sommerlands are very common. Second, the concept can only very rarely be found outside of Scandinavia. Sommerlands can be traditionally characterised as interactive parks with a water play aspect ...

Special Feature
| Constructed Magic: Nothing Happens by Chance ...
Disney's "pixie dust" is legendary. This is the dust the pixie Tinker Bell used in the animated film "Peter Pan" to transform everything. The same pixie dust that supposedly enchants visitors everywhere at Disney's theme parks. But what makes Mickey's worlds so unusual, what sets them apart ...

Special Feature
| Center Parcs
Over 40 years ago, the foundation was laid for a holiday concept which, with 17 bungalow villages around Europe, was to generate a profit of over 60 million euros from a business volume of 628 million euros during the 2007/08 fiscal year ...